Why Illuminate & Educate?

As a child, school time was difficult. Fortunately, I didn’t struggle with learning aspect of education, but I did certainly struggle with boredom. During class, I couldn’t focus my attention for very long before I was daydreaming about something other than what the teacher was saying. Sitting at a desk was as close to torture as I could imagine. I had little to no interest in the tasks and content being presented and with each passing day, I became increasingly restless. It wasn’t until graduate school that I realized my struggles and frustrations weren’t unique (thanks, Dr. Brown and Dr. Zacharias). They were rooted in a mismatch between teaching and learning styles. Not every student learns well in an environment where she sits in a classroom all day, forced to listen to and consume ideas and information that don’t appeal to her. At Creighton, I felt at home studying Philosophy and Creative Writing. Since then, I’ve been pursuing thinkers and writers that fuel my passion to create.

Learning has become a passion of mine. Books like Free to Learn, Quiet, and Brain Rules and thinkers like Brene Brown, Thoreau, Peter Diamandis have changed the way I approach all aspects of life, parenting included. With a school age child, education and the approach to how our son learns have found a way atop my list of priorities. My desire to learn about education and childhood learning has grown exponentially.

Seeking the best route for my children, it became apparent that children today are no longer the master of their own learning and education. They are being taught repeated and recycled information. As authority figures and at no fault of their own, teachers are rehashing information that encourages, and often demands, children to accept authority as truth. Their play is limited and children are discouraged from asking questions and no longer seeking truth for themselves as the guiding authority. As philosophy teaches us, let’s think critically, position children to think for themselves, and come to conclusions and find answers on their own. Plato said,

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future.

With massive shifts in our global landscape, the time has never been more critical to ensure our children are learning in ways that suit them while challenging and exposing them to multiple worldviews and perspectives.

This community exists to shine a light on available teaching methods and approaches to learning. The mission is to support parents and teacher to ensure our children find a lifelong love of learning. These resources will enable parents residing anywhere and from all walks of life to have the ability to consume a wide range of learning methods and have the resources to enable their child to flourish through a learning style and development that suits them best.